What is the real difference between custom tailored and "off-the-rack" clothing?

Perhaps you have been wondering what the difference is between custom tailored and "off-the-rack" clothing.  At Sir Charles the Tailor, we believe that when you truly know the difference you will only be satisfied with the improved fit, feel, and durability of custom tailored clothing. The Fit that's yours alone.  The first difference is the most obvious.  Custom tailored clothing is constructed to fit your physique, and yours alone, not some average or "ideal" figure determined by the suit or shirt manufactures. The tailoring process is complex and takes four to six weeks, but is well worth the wait.  Once the fabric is chosen, the tailor takes your measurements.  The first fitting involves over twenty-five measurements of the shoulders, neck, arms, waist, chest, seat, and legs.  Once this is done, your tailor has a permanent record of your measurements and as long as your physique does not change, the process is simplified for subsequent clothing you may wish to have tailored.

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